Cassandra Freeman

Cassandra Freeman
Founder, Chief Visionary Officer

Cassandra Freeman is an unstoppable force of creativity, bringing light into the world where it is most needed. She is a connector, a big picture observing sage, a passionate writer, an actor, and an artist hell-bent on answering the call to give all she can to the world.

As an actor, Cassandra is currently starring as Aunt Viv on Peacock’s hit series Bel Air. She has also shared the screen with Denzel Washington, Chris Rock, Tom Selleck, Alfre Woodard, Donald Glover, and many more. While away from the camera, she has written screenplays and stage plays, started foundations, developed shows, and is always dreaming up ways to collect and focus energy and ideas for positive change.

As an executive consultant and trainer in communication, she has helped major corporations and organizations transform how they communicate, with an emphasis and expertise on collaboration, communication, and diversity training. As an adjunct professor at Fordham University for over a decade, Cassandra taught actors, writers, directors, and stage designers the skill of collaboration. She has also been a guest speaker at Vassar, Rutgers, and many other universities. 

Cassandra is the founder of the Kassandra Arts Project, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower disadvantaged children by helping them to unlock their creativity. KAP’s programs focused on working with orphans of the Rwandan genocide. Cassandra is also a former co-chair of the non-profit organization Dancing Classrooms. It is an in-school social and emotional learning program that cultivates essential life skills in children through the practice of ballroom dance.

As a communication expert and artist, her ability to connect with people is unparalleled. Bringing creative people together to affect positive change in the world is the very essence of Cassandra Freeman, and with that passion, Creatricity was founded.

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